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How To Start A Website

Free website with hosting

Many people are asking themselves   

How To Start A Website. Building your own web site can be a difficult task if you want it to make money even if you get someone else to build it. If your site is going to make money you have to start at the right place with effective titles that people can find using search engines. The first step is to select the site name and or domain name and names for your posts or articles. Just any name will not do at all. Your Domain or Sub Domain, your blog title and each of your post names must all be selected using the same process. Use a tool like the Google Keyword Tool. Just go to the keyword tool and enter the subject or name you would like to use (Specify Exact Match) and the tool will list related titles with a count of how many people are searching for that title. If no one is searching for the title you chose, don’t waste your time, choose one from their list with 500 to 1500 searches per month and you should get lots of traffic. If 2,000,000 people are searching for it, your title may show up on page 100 and will never be seen. Use the keyword tool to select titles that have a chance of working, not one that just looks good. Your post or site will only look good to those who find it. Once you have selected a site title and titles you would like have post on, you are ready to let some one build a site for you. I had Brainhost build a Free site for me several years ago and it still works great. Their hosting fees are less than $8 a month for unlimited sites and domain names. They have free tools to help you build all the sites you want to build this a hard deal to pass up. They even allow a monthly payment option.
Having a site pre built for you that is set up right is a great help to train your self to build your on sites.

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How to Make Commission Black Ops Work

Commission Black Ops provides 3 programs to install blog sites
Once you log on to their site and download their software on your desktop
These programs operate from your Commission black ops folder and all use 2 files to build your basic sites

1 copies 2 files from your commissionblackops\systemupload folder
1. A backup zip file of a properly set up blog site
2. And an importbuddy.php file to install and configure that site
TurboSiteInstallTool.exe. If you buy the up sell I got this one and it think it was worth the price.
1. This program copies that same commissionblackops\systemupload\importbuddy.php file to your desired host directory
2. It also copies a commissionblackops\turbo\systemupload\ zip file to your install directory
3. Then uses the importbuddy.php file to set it up
SemiAutoInstall.exe this program depends on you to copy the backup zip file to your host directory along with the importbuddy.php file

All 3 programs prepare the commission blacktops program to build your sites for you but if you want to install your sites in subdirectories or sub domains you need to use the SemiAutoInstall.exe program due to the way the first 2 programs try to copy files. If you try to install in a sub domain using one of the first 2 programs you will have problems for example if you point a sub domain name to your desired install directory. For example greatkeyword.mydoman.com after you try and the program fails you will find a new directory on your host in the root directory by the name of greatkeyword.mydoman.com it will have the 2 desired files in it. The way they try to copy files the copy procedure cannot resolve logical paths. If you want it in a sub domain or ad on domain use the semiautoinstall and you will like the result.
I use Filezilla a free ftp program. I have installed about 20 sites with this software so far on 3 different hosts. Use their training videos with the exception of the install procedure they are great.

If you are using HostGator.com all 3 install programs work fine for a new website in the primary domain root directory.

If you are using an ad on domain or sub domain you can save yourself a lot of heart ache by using their SemiAutoInstall.exe procedures.

Commission Black Ops can create great Content Rich web sites.

HostGator Web Hosting


hostgatorOf all the hosting services I have used, HostGator Web Hosting services from hostgator.com is my favorite. Their banners advertise $7.95 a mo but their small package is going for $3.96 a month today. Their more expansive packages give you dedicated servers and the ability to sell hosting services to others with them taking care of the support problems. That’s a real deal. Even their $3.96 plan includes unlimited SQL databases, space, bandwidth, domains, sub domains and mail boxes.

Of all the services I have used over the years their services have been the fastest responding and their cPanel is the most compatible I have found. I first tried them to get Comission Black Ops to work. Their system worked so well I dropped my hosting with Godaddy although I still use them to handle my domain names. I even moved my web sites from FatCow hosting to HostGator. HostGator Web Hosting services are by far the best around for my money.

Simplicity Auto Blogging Plugin

simplicityThe Simplicity auto blogging plugin was a real surprise.  When installed it shows under your Edit Post window in WordPress and can retrieve articles from News and various article sources to use in your post. It will also insert product ads from ClickBank Amazon and ebay. If you go to the trouble to configure it when you install, Simplicity will change the affiliate id for you to yours. The package includes a module/wp plugin to make all your new post Unique to search engines.You should always edit your automated posts to make sure they make sense and are correct in your opinion. To make matters better they have included a module to automatically create a privacy page and about page for you. The last thing they provide for you is 2 modules to allow you to install the latest version of plugins automatically, just select from a list and it is done for your painlessly. The list of trouble free plugins is downloaded live to make sure you get the latest. After all this i was surprised to receive an update in my mail box without asking for it to fix some minor bugs i didn’t know was there.

I use this plug in on every site i build now. The Simplicity auto blogging plugin is a winner and well worth the investment.