Commission Domination

Commission Domination

Commission Domination looked like a good product at first but after buying it I found good points and bad ones. At first glance it looked great with a ton of training videos and tools. The idea of using an online program to create a website sounded like it would be a tool they could keep up to date with the latest bells and whistles. The WordPress theme they looked like a good one.

When my son and I started trying to get a site going with it we found that their setup video’s to set up their theme were not at all correct. Their module that built the basic site was not near as complete as the site in the setup videos. After investing over two weeks in this product without one working site produced. We got our money back. I don’t like doing that. If a product works as advertised I usually keep it even if I don’t like it. If you apply yourself you usually find something about it that makes it worth the investment.

If you want a system that will create a web site from scratch, even though it has some minor problems, Commission Black Ops can create Great looking and working sites. It creates sites with well presented products, ads and all the content you could want. It even does a good job of getting back links. I have a review about this product as well as one on a product called Simplicity that will create content for any blog you want to create.

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